OraPiper 1.00

OraPiper 1.00: OraPiper is a useful tool for Oracle pipes working. OraPiper is a useful tool for Oracle pipes working. Using OraPiper you can obtain a monitoring of any Oracle pipe you`ve chosen. An also you can send a messages through Oracle pipes. OraPiper is designed for Oracle PL/SQL developers. It can be used for stored procedures and triggers control. OraPiper uses Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and you can run OraPiper only on the computer with installed Oracle SQL*Net client software and OCI.

PipeFun 2 1.0: PipeFun2 is an addictive crossbreed between Tetris and PipeDream. Free download.
PipeFun 2 1.0

PipeFun 2. This is a brain-bending concoction of Tetris and PipeDream. Your objective is to rotate pieces of pipes that fall down to form longer pipes. There are two game modes. The first one, PipeLine, requires you to make a completely closed pipe system in order for it to disappear. The second mode, Arcade, is a bit easier, since all you have to do is to combine 4 pieces of pipes in any manner you prefer for them to disappear. In addition, if you

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Pipeline 2002 1.00: are to stop them, from flooding all the world.
Pipeline 2002 1.00

pipe tiles, so they are destroyed. But your worst enemy is time. You will be always short on time, as you will destroy next number of pipes. Do not fail us! Game Rules: Click on pipe to rotate it. New pipe will be spawn and highlighted in a short time. Build a closed contour from different parts of pipes by rotating them. When you created a self-connected pipe (closed contour) it will disapper from the board. Every 3 seconds new tile of pipe appears

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WetRO 2: Quickly and easily Design stormwater collection systems
WetRO 2

pipe supported (unlimited pipes per system/unlimited systems). -Tabulated Pipe Input Format! -Rainfall Intensity by State and County, FDOT Rainfall Intensity Zones, or User Input Curves. -Calculates Hydraulic Grade Line (Backwater Analysis), Hydraulic Gradient, Pipe -Slope, Velocities and Capacities. -TC`s Adjusted using flow time in pipes. -Optional Input includes Junction/Minor Loss Coefficient, Kj. -Calculates Preliminary Design of Storm Pipe

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Master Bill 3.01

The water pipelines throughout the world are being attacked by an unknown menace. This menace rearranges the pipes so that once the central station starts pumping water it will spill and not reach its intended communities. Your objective as the Pipe Engineer is to fix the pipeline. You must control remotely a flying robot to fix the pipeline before time runs out and the water starts pumping from the central stations.

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Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex) 1.0: Step by step thermal design calculations of double pipe heat exchangers
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex) 1.0

pipe (hairpin) heat exchangers.+Perform thermal analysis for finned tube double pipe (hairpin) heat exchangers. +Choose from Counter Current or Co-Current Flow arrangement. +Choose from Series arrangement or Series-Parallel arrangement. +The software will also tell you the location of Hot/Cold fluids within the heat exchanger (Inner Pipe or Outer Pipe). +Select from different correlations to calculate Cold/Hot side heat transfer coefficient. Also

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EngCalc(Pipe Flow) - Palm Calculator 1.2

Momentous Pipe Flow Calculator.FREE !! MxCalc(worth $4.99, embedded in the program)Unit Coverter-The most comprehensive unit converter utility tool.Comes with over 1000+ Units and 10000+ conversions.Scientific Evaluator.A must have for Engineers.A Palm software program which empowers you instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Laminar pipe flow friction factor,Darcy pipe flow and more..

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